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of this explosion again we know was the high pressure transmission line why it exploded the ntsb should give us some details or in terms of what they're doing to try and get those answers. in addition to that there are eight fire investigators run scene conducting our own investigation carried as you know fire officials went door-to-door today there were able to get through 75 percent of the homes. did a 25 percent or two hot that's what they told us earlier today it will be interesting to find out when to our officials have their news conference at 5:00 whether they'll be able to make it to those other homes. we can also tell you they've had a total of 25 fire companies doing the searching of these homes. still they've called in to urban search and rescue teams they see the debris is just kind of mammoth. they called to to urban search and rescue teams to help remove some of the debris so far officials can get in there and to their searching. another thing were expected to 5:00 news conference is the damage assessment. we should have some sort of dollar figure in terms of the amount of damage by th
and on the property and in that regard and to say on behalf of the ntsb we extend our condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy. in addition to our investigators we have family assistance specialist from the ntsb office our transportation disaster system there on scene to provide assistance and support to family members of the victims of this incident. for the next few days our investigators will be working on scene to thoroughly document the accident site and gather factual information to do it they can to determine what happened. the purpose of us being here and the reason why were gathering this information is not to understand what happened and why it happened and ultimately we will end up with recommendations to try and prevent this thing same thing from happening in the future. we will not determine probable cause while we're on scene and we will not speculate about what may have caused the accident. we're also not here to determine if plant liability. we're here specifically to determine cause and we will do that and a report will come out in 14 to 16 to 18 mon
for a press conference from the ntsb. it will begin any moment. we'll carry that life -- live. the ntsb has been on scene all day and we'll find out what they found out today. pg&e announced today it's creating a $100 million fund to restore the town. it says starting friday we'll begin to give residents a $50,000 check per household. >> we will not be asking them to sign any releases when they it doesn't prohibit them from filing any other claims. >> reporter: money that could help this resident who says her home has smoke and water damage. >> the water was in my carpet. yeah. it was like a crazy moment. we didn't know what to do. >> reporter: pg&e today gave the city of san bruno a check for $3 million. the mayor says the city is still tallying the overtime and the cost to infrastructure. >> i believe their commitment in good faith to at least help people out that need money right now. >> reporter: residents we spoke with said it's a good start but express doubt they did all they could. >> at least they are trying to help. otherwise, i mean, they should have done much better job. >> they
of the ntsbs investigation. our coverage this evening. simon. >> reporter: juliette, we are standing by here in san bruno for a press conference with ntsb expected to start momentarily. why the explosion happened may take months to figure out. again ntsb is in charge of that. they have begun shipping evidence back to washington dc for closer scrutiny. one disaster expert we spoke with today says he already knows the likely cause of that pipeline rupture. >> out of sight out of mind. you don't see them they are under ground. it is very easy to kind of have a sense of security there,. >> reporter: he does research at berkly's center for cat traffic risk management. he said the cause of most pipeline explosions can be traced back to third party excavations, water, cable or some other company digging in the vicinity of the pipeline. >> that can either rupture it immediately or damage it or weaken the pipeline, overtime, due to service pressures on inside that pipe that it was more prone to fail and it was just a matter of time. a ticking bomb. >> we didn't see any excavation, no exempt at the ti
they need. the ntsb is act to hold it's first news conference. we listen live now at the scene. >> the investigation into the rupture and explosion and fire of the 30-inch natural gas line seamless carbon steel owned operated by pg and e. it happened a few minutes after six last night as you know and we just arrived on scene so we don't have much information yet. i went to the scene myself to see the devastation, to see the -- some excess of 170 houses so far that were engaged, either damaged or destroyed. we ar aware of -- responded to this with an eight member investigative team. the investigator in charge -- we have -- put together a team of investigators to look at a variety of areas. we started with the operations. we look at pipeline, the installation of the pipeline, operation, maintenance, history, the peak values of pressure that the pipeline can with stand and hit the history of what it did with stand, the safe guards to prevent over pressure in the pipeline, all aspects of the pipeline. we are forming a group to look at human factors. the people -- all the people w
conference. we just heard from the ntsb he had some interesting information. >> that's right can basically some of the key things he talked about he noticed there were an accessible hundred and 70 houses that were damaged or destroyed we have not heard that number is 4. he talked about there was an 8 #ntsb team they will be investigating an on site for the next few days. though not be issuing a report for another 14 the 18 months still not be pointing the finger anybody still just look to find out the cause was and what needs to be done to fix that. they're going to look at a variety of things including the safeguards a pg need. the installation, operation, meat and see much pressure they put in it will also look at the people factor. people repairing this line who's been working on the line, when did they suffer from the tee cluster alcohol involved. if the fall in this news conference that we had with them he was asked if you question one of them was inquired about he was asked specifically about the impression of the crater. the second question had to do with those reports that we've he
was on a trip to asia but he will be here touring the devastated crestmoor neighborhood. the ntsb is here to investigate. 37 homes were destroyed. 50 people were killed, four dead, likely seven since three people are still reported missing. in addition to the investigation on the ground, the ntsb got 90 e-mails with tips from people who live around here, only one though with a report of someone smelling gas a few weeks prior to the explosion. they are asking anyone with those claims to email them and also report if they contacted any officials about it at that time be it representatives from pg&e, police or fire or the public utilities commission. another big factor in this investigation, how long it took for the gas in the area to be turned off after the pipe ruptured. yesterday we heard from first responders and what they experienced in the first moments after the blast. >> i happened to be crestmoor elementary school. i was at my son's baseball game. we thought there was a plane crash. then the second call came in for south city fire i personally was thinking it might be a terrorist th
with the ntsb as they investigate that aspect of the accident and so we want to know what happened and they will get to the root cause of it. >> reporter: have you started any process of that? >> we had started prior to the ntsb arriving and now that they're here they have assumed responsibility for the investigation from this point forward. >> reporter: because they've stepped in you can't give us information about possible leaks? >> the way it 2, is once the ntsb takes -- it works is once the ntsb takes control of the situation by federal law we are not really allowed to provide any information about the accident. >> reporter: cbs5 dug deeper and found the ntsb released a report in may showing the california public utilities commission investigated pg&e and uncovered still representatives were not properly trained in detecting leaks. so what does pg&e have to say? >> i think you'll have to talk to someone with more specific information about that than i have available today. >> reporter: who might that be? >> you'll have to talk to david eisenhauer. >> reporter: we did contact da
's is live tonight in san bruno. >> reporter: frank, that ntsb briefing is about to start in a few minutes behind me. today the city declared this a disaster area while the emotional toll is still being felt by some residents here. the images of charred remains in the middle of this san bruno neighborhood are still tough to grasp. burned out cars, stairs leading to nowhere. and for the family living next to the devastation, life is on hold. >> at least six months until we can get back into the house. how are you going to bring a two and don't know if i can com to this. >> reporter: and some children are haunted by the sounds of the fire. >> every time you hear the revs of engines or planes, it's the exact same sound that came. i can see why people thought it was an airplane. because it had that same kind of revving sound. and in fact, my kids are saying, is that the fire coming. >> reporter: pg & e crews worked on the neighborhood while the homes that have been green tagged are busy with insurance adjustors and clean up workers. >> some people running down the street, some people on fire.
. meanwhile, the next rotati ntsb has on its way to washington d.c. for further investigation. and state regulators have ordered pg&e to test all of their natural gas lines. most residents have been able to return. but, there are still residents that are waiting and they have homes that have either been completely destroyed. they want to sift through what is left or others are severely damaged and have a red text. the death is at four. -read attack. >> the human remains have been on site of the explosion and three people are still missing tonight. kron4's kate thompson joins us from san bruno. the command center. >> we are here, too. the latest from investigators. you can see the media lined up and ready. to hear from the national transportation safety board and that is heading up this investigation on the ground. in the san bruno. there has been three full days of investigations at this point. investigators said yesterday that they plan on being here for at least one more day. the big revelation they told us about, yesterday was that the investigators have not been able to confirm repor
allegations? >> we want to know the answers and will cooperate with the ntsb as they investigate that aspect of the accident. we want to know what happened and they will get to the cause. >> reporter: have you started any process of that? >> we have started. prior to the ntsb and now that they are here they have taken responsibility for the investigation. >> reporter: because they have stepped in you can't give us information about possible leaks? >> the way it work social security once the ntsb takes control of the situation, by federal law we are not really allowed to provide any information about the accident. >> reporter: we dug deeper found the ntsb released a report in may showing the california public utilities commission investigated the company and found representatives weren't propererly trained in detecting leaks. what does the company have to say? >> i think you will have to talk to someone with more specific information than i have available today. >> reporter: who is that? >> have you to talk to davi >> reporter: so i did. in fact is he another spokesperson for pg and e. he
for today. before i begin i would like to express on behalf of the ntsb condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy. leading the investigation is our investigator in charge, who is standing beside me. chattre. he has over 30 years of experience in pipelines. i'm a little bit short on information to provide to you because today was our first full day of investigation and we have not had the progress heating, the meeting in which i hear from all of the groups what they have accomplished. i can give you briefly what i understand has occurred so far. before i do that, i would like to emphasize it is very important in this process that we, the ntsb, be the only source provided to the media. part of the party process when we asked pacific gas and electric and the pipeline, the federal pipeline regulators and hazardous materials safety administration and the california public utilities commission, when we asked them to be parties, part of being parties is they will not entertain requests from the media about this accident. we are the sole source of information ab
a briefing from the ntsb which investigates pipeline accidents. pg&e had now way to automatically shut off the gas once the pipe run pureed, and the pipeline contained a number of seams, including one that ran lengthwise around the pipe. right away, federal investigators noticed something curious about the pipeline that blew out of the ground. i was not sol split -- solid and seemless. it was segments welded together. >> there are lots of reasons to have segmented pipes like this, and that's what they're exploring. it's obviously more expensive to have segments pipes than unsegmented pipes. >> reporter: the ntsb confirms that pg&e had manual valves on either side of the break, not automatic valves to stop the flow of gas. the pipeline that exploded was mauled in 1956 when there were fewer homes here. because the area is so heavily populated now. the public utilities designated the pipeline high risk. >> increases in our estimation the need to look at that issue of whether there should be automatic shutoff valves when there's a massive leak in the pipe which would be signaled bay pressure d
assistance. as the mayor has indicated, the ntsb, the national transportation safety board, i believe that approximately 1:00 today, a team of aid arrived in san francisco. they will have lead responsibility for the investigation and cause analysis of the event. at this point in time, although there has been a lot of speculation about different things that may have precipitated to cause this event, i would caution everyone that it is really premature at this point, and that there will be a thorough investigation. pg&e plans to and will fully cooperate with the ntsb in the investigation process providing all records as well as making available any resources individuals to be interviewed, etc., so we can determine the cause of this particular incident. mayor newsom: again, it is premature to perhaps discuss a response to the question, but what is your assessment in terms of the investigation? it is really difficult to say. i would expect that this is a process that will probably take several months before it is probably finally concluded, and before we have a real sense of what perhaps
, as well as the mayor of san bruno, the california public utilities commission and the ntsb, which is in charge of the investigation into what happened in san bruno. last week, feinstein and boxer introduced a bill to double the number of term pipeline inspectors, increase the penalties for pipeline safety violations and require automatic electronic shutoff valves wherever possible. it would also require pipeline operators to contact all property owners within 2,000 feet of a natural gas transmission line informing them of the line. another factor, now under investigation an equipment failure the day of the blast at pg&e's terminal in milpitas, which is at the end of the line that blew. a piece of equipment called an uninterruptible power supply system, or u.p.s., reportedly failed that day. it's designed to make sure electricity is constant during blackouts and now the feds are looking into whether that failure affect pg&e's ability to regulate the pipeline's pressure. this is the piece of pipeline shot into the air during the explosion. it's now also in washington, d.c. being exa
will be on. >>> safety improvements. what the ntsb that should give riders confidence in the transit agency. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this friday, the 24th dayf september. take a look outside. this is the ought nal equally noxious. >> this is werewolf weather. we have fog and fullmoon this morning. as we look outside, there is at fuzzy full moon and howling sound. it may be your husban we have 65 days 95 degrees or higher. today will be 66. 73 in washington. mid-60s in many rral areas where we have visibility down to a quarter mile or less. these are the latest visibilities in les. not too bad in the city. but we have low in many locations around the region. eastern shore, into the mountains. eastern shore near 70. a few high clouds drifting in. as the fog burns off, it will cook it. tomorrow, cooler with northwest bree. rain late on sunday and likely mond and tuesday next week. and much cooler. ashley, good morning. how's our traffic? >> good morning, tom. the fog is definitely a factor this early morning. rolling from in 66. no major accidents. but reduced visibility as yo
a congressional overnight committee. just months ago the ntsb said they had an a peoplic safety culture which set the stage for the crash. the ntsb gives credit for making progress. the system implemented a dozen safety recommendations since the crash. >> they have done a lot of learning in the last year plus. and i think always every organization is going to go thugh a difficult time after an accident. the question is how you react to that accident and what changes you make and i believe that the metro board was very willing to liste to the safety board after our report was concluded. they have taken man of those lessons to heart. and i think they're beginning to make many improvements that have been long overdue. >> reporter: and that includes putting a new and experienced saty officer in place. that safety officers reports to theanager. they have filled 12 vacancies and jobs. you can call and anonymously report safety proems. metro is moving forward to replace the 1000 series cars, the cars that crunched in the crash, folded up like accordions. new cars will hit the system in about 2013. inter
to avoid another disaster. don knapp has show details. ntsb gathering up big pieces of evidence will lead them to the cause of the blast. mean while resting fears anyone may have it will be a year and- a-half before they get any information. the ntsb saying as soon as they learn information they will pass it on >> reporter: prime evidence is a 28-foot southbound of the high pressure gasoline itself ripped out of the ground and tossed through the air a hundred feet by the blast. >> that piece of pipe that 28- foot section of 30-inch pipe we are as we speak crating it up putting it in a crate because the investigators have decided that needs to go back to our metallurgy labs in washington. >> reporter: investigators want to hear from people who say they smelled gas in the weeks before the blast. jose valve practice do told julie watts he smelled it and he thinks pg&e knew it. >> what do you say when pg&e says we never received any calls about gas. >> that's a lie. because you can smell and then as the guy was walking around there. >> reporter: presumably looking for leaks. but alvarad
missing. in addition to their investigation here on the ground, the ntsb has gotten about 90 e-mails with tips from people who live around here. only one, though, with a report of someone smelling gas a few weeks prior to the explosion. they are also to report if they contacted any official, pg&e, police, fire, public utilities commission with the information. another big factor how long it took for the gas in the area to be turned off after the pipe ruptured. there are some valves that would have stopped the gas flow and what might have impeded authorities from getting to those valves immediately. the investigation to take a year. >> it could be a year, 12, 14 -- it's difficult to say at this stage because each examination might lead to other routes of examination. but having said that and that's because we do a very exhaustive detailed investigation but having said that, i emphasize that if we find issues that warrant immediate attention we didn't wait until the completion of that process. we put out recommendations immediately. >> reporter: here are some of the specific fact
the terrifying moments of thursday's huge blast. the ntsb says of the 90 e-mails they've received so far, only one person reported smelling gas before the explosion. ktvu's claudine wong is talking to those federal investigators this morning and joins you now -- and joins us now with this live report. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes, it's been almost a week since this fireball and explosion and fire here in san bruno. there are still so many questions. the ntsb is out here this morning. we're getting more information about where this investigation is headed. key among the question is how did this start, obviously and why did it burn so long? let's talk about the cause. the ntsb has been asking for anyone to come forward if they smelled gas in the days leading up to the explosion. there have been about 90 e- mails sent to the ntsb. but the ntsb said they only had one person who smelled gas and that was two or three weeks before this happened. if they didn't smell gas, that would be a clue. >> if people smell gas in advance, that suggests a failure, where gas is coming out and people smell
of the ntsb, get some answers coming up in just a minute. >> also if you are approached by an oakland police officer, you may be on camera. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. that's because of hundreds of new wearable video cameras. but there are concerns over privacy. >> if your commute takes you around the bay in some of the higher elevations, watch out for drizzle. also flight arrival delays into sfo. >> you'll find that drizzle driving into san francisco but won't find delays at this point with a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of the road work has cleared through hayward but i'll have more details on other areas where you can find some road work. >> good wednesday morning. it's 5 a.m.. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. governor schwarzenegger will visit the san bruno fire site today direct from his asia trade mission. meantime e-mails received by federal investigators seem to offer no definitive evidence of neighbors smelling gas before the explosion. terry joins us live from san bruno. >> the ntsb investigators are the ones who are going to f
moments. let's start our coverage with claudine wong, she has been talking with the ntsb about where this investigation is going. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, certainly the ntsb has a lot of work in front of it but they are finished with the pipe hire at the site. they are, however, not ready to leave yet because they still have a lot to do. they are headed this morning to a monitoring site in san francisco to talk to the employees there to look at records and to conduct interviews. this morning there is also a lot of talk about the add -- the valves the shut off valves that were near this 30 inch natural gas line pipe. pg&e says it took crews time to get two manual shut oofl valves -- to get them shut off. which was about a mile away from the explosion sight. it took 90 minutes for them to shut down, which as you can imagine felt like an eternity for crews dealing with this out of control fireball. some asked why there was no automatic shut off valves. well the ntsb tooled me they are not required and aren't actually common on pipes of the size. more likely to
-to-three weeks. >> the ntsb has required pg any provide the data the information for at least a month before the incident to see how many if there reports how many and what actions were taken. >> it seems like that should be something quick and easy to do. what i call customer service the can tell me who called and when the track that. >> they have not gotten documents from key janney because it was an elaborate request appeared once they have the information that is going to be made public. ntsb will make public information as a moves along. it will make her academic recommendation as it moves along as opposed to waiting for the investigation to be complete. for all of us who are concerned about whether or not it's safe to move back to the neighborhood these questions will be answered as soon as they are received by the ntsb. this thing i found interesting gas is not normally have an older. they add overran. so sometime you can have the gas leak in not know you have a gas leak. gas leaks of themselves are not necessarily of this significance to cause this kind of an explosion of a small lea
to the source of the explosion to investigate. and of the ntsb has been called and and they are investigating a of going to the pipe and the pipe that exploded through all of the records to see if there was any construction activity, excavation, and to see reports of the smelt gas in the area perhaps days, weeks before the explosion. they have to go to all of that contract on the people who made those phone calls to see what they know. with the herd, what they smelled 70's this all together so it could be some time. -if those people what they heard? >> and to provide that impression to pg&e to help the investigation. >> -information. >> was this park? >> our was a buildup of pressure? or just a spark? >> several possibilities. >> thank you, and will tran mentioned that the red cross and on the phone is harold brooks. good morning, carole.harold. wee expecting to speak to him and we will continue to try to raise him. a lot of people want to know various things and perhaps he has some answers. particularly, because the red cross. >> they're always on the front lines of helping people, and very
to be talking to the vice chairman of the ntsb, get some answers to the questions coming up. >> also the eye of a camera could be the answer to more peace between police and the public. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. we'll let you know more about a camera project in the works here in the city. >> and marin county supervisors call for a review of when deputies and use tasers after an abc 7 report. >> here's a look from downtown san francisco. the clouds a little lower and they have more moisture in them so expect some drizzle this morning but warmer weather this afternoon and i'll update you on the chance of rain. >> an update on the cash paying lanes at the toll plaza. everything looking good around the bay area. >> it's 6 a.m. this wednesday morning. thank you for waking up early and joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, governor schwarzenegger will arrive in san bruno for a first-hand look at the damage done by the san bruno fire. pg&e facing new questions how long it took to shut off gas after the blast. terry mcsweeney has the vice chairman with him righ
jean elie. >> reporter: ntsb investigators met with pg and e. they said it will take time to figure out why a neighborhood was leveled. the explosion launched a huge piece of ruptured fuel pipe out of the ground. ntsb investigators say the blast had to have tremendous force. >> it is really quite amazing to see this huge piece of pipeline blown the distance that it was blown -- above the ground and out onto the street. >> reporter: the 30-inch pipeline was installed in 1956. it may tell investigators why it ruptured. they planned to send part of it to a lab in washington for analysis. four people died in the inferno that followed the rupture. we have learned 44-year-old jack lien grieg and her daughter and 20-year-old jessica morales did not survive. 52 people were injured. seven are hospitalized with critical burn injuries. four firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters say there are still three homes left to search. if the areas are cool enough tomorrow, canine crews will finish the search for additional victims. we for you have a clear picture of just how widesprea
victims were found in a home. six people are still missing. meanwhile today, the ntsb spent the day checking out that crater left behind and the pipeline. investigators say the pipe blew 100 feet away from its original position. here's what they are really curious about -- it's made up of small segments of piping. they say they are not sure why. and that will be a new piece of this puzzle to investigate. >> there are lots of reason to have segmented pipe like this. that's one of the reasons we're exploring is why this pipe segmented. it's more expensive to have segmented pipes than unsegmented pipes. we'll be looking into that why that occurred. >> the ntsb is still trying to figure out when pg&e last inspected the pipelines. and for the first time, neighbors had a chance to sound off to bay area leaders. here's what happened at a town hall meeting. >> reporter: people came to demand answers, like when do they get back in to their homes? pg&e told the people it would stand by them and it would never abandon san bruno. 271 homes in the damaged area have been off limits since the blas
: that news conference was with the ntsb. we are talk about that. we are expecting another conference to happen any moment now. it looks lickety may be walking up to the microphone right now. that's jim allen with the office of emergency services. he is about to make an announcement but i'm not sure i see some of the participants of the press conference walking up. let's talk about what we heard earlier this morning in a press briefing. that's what they announced a four deaths and injuries to -- rather 52 patients in the hospital. that was according to the county. that number could change in this conference. i see the acting governor walking to the microphone. let's take this press conference now. >> as we wind down the day and its been a long day for us, i want to start by saying that 24 hours ago we had a major explosion and a fire here. we are still at 37 destroyed homes, 7minor and moderate homes damaged. as of now we still have four deaths. law is still looking at the missing person reports to help us if are anymore deaths. we have done our preliminary search, that's complete. w
to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. the ntsb has been examining the chart pieces. though they have more questions than answers ringel, they're beginning to get a bit of a picture of just how bad this explosion was. >> gathered in the rubble of the homes destroyed by thursday's explosion, investigators began the process of finding out why happen. >> today we did a lot of measuring, this really emphasize the magnitude of what occurred here. >> assigned tons of natural gas pipeline to los ground with such force that landed a hundred feet away. blastoff be had a greater hotter to do something along 26 d wide. roughly demands of a one the size swimming pool. >> devlin known because the soil of the bottom of the crater is unstable. >> fife itself measured 28 ft. long, though they initially thought was solid piece of metal, they discovered it is up to a patchwork of smaller segments melted together. >> we need to dig deeper to to determine why they're repeat smaller segments of pipe on his 28 ft. piece of pie. >> investigators is surely to guess, but they do know is that there i
now ntsb investigators are turning their focus on the anatomy of this explosion. today they removed that 28-foot section of pipe that flew about 100 feet and landed in the street. investigators also cut off the two ended of the pipe to examine the immense force that ripped the metal apart. the crater is more than half the length of a financial -- football field. it holds a lot of answers like ground stability and pipe fatigue. investigators are interested in hearing from residents who can tell them when and where they smelled gas prior to the explosion, and they want to know about the area around the pipe. >> anybody who has reports of dead vegetation. one of the symptoms of a gas leak is that the vegetation dies. if we have reports of dead vegetation, we would like to hear about that as well. >> alan: investigators also are looking into an inspection last march, as well as a sewer pipe repair in the immediate vicinity. the waterline rain side-by-side with line 132. investigators believe the public holds key information into understanding how the gasline exploded. you can send your
line that blew up. and today we were given a peek in the investigation. ntsb investigators are turning their attention to the anatomy of the explosion. the pipe was carefully removed today. the answers could lie in the torn metal at ground zero measuring half the length of a football field. >> we don't know at this point whether there was a well failure, impact from previous construction. >> but investigators are very interested in hearing from people who can tell them when and where they smelled gas prior to the explosion. >> have we been able to confirm rumors claiming people smelled gas and then calling it in? no, we have not been able to do that yet. >> pg&e says it has no reports of a gas leak since the beginning of the month. >> when i smelled it, it was once in awhile say three, almost four weeks ago. >> they want to look at amateur video, and they would like to know about the area around line 132 before it exploded. >> one of the symptom of the gas leak is vegetation dies. we had reports of dead vegetation, and we would like to hear about that. >> jesse says the american hawtho
not tell us those results. >> now we've crossed that line where that is part of the ntsb investigation and i really cannot share the findings of that particular assessment. >> now they're asking the utility company to inspect their entire miles of pipeline. there'll be a pressure of high pressure pipe lines and heavily populated areas, like san bruno. what the big question is that will that be performed like in the past? piccinni cannot tell us exactly what to do inspections will look like. >> we already inspect these on an annual business, as i mentioned. and to work with the ntsb, how much time will have a do it and will be a minimum, elite survey. >> and the three main lines that go into the peninsula have already been inspected. pg&e has already reduced the pressure on those lines by 10 percent as an added safety precaution. reporting live, christine connolly. >> state regulators have ordered pg&e to investigate all of their gas lines. this is a map running through the entire state of california and not all of these are high-pressure lines like the one that exploded in the san brun
chairman christopher hart from ntsb. he has been doing the app dates every day at 5:00 p.m.. he attended a meeting last night with other federal investigators and local officials and residents filling them in on the latest. his investigators will not take no for an answer and it will be here for as long as it takes to find all the answers they need in their investigation to figure out what went wrong. if they're here to provide an objective and unbiased report to figure out why it went wrong when this pipe exploded. he said they do not know the cause yet to and he was questioned by residents who asked him if he would even venture a guess last night and he reduced saying he did not know what went wrong and that's why they're doing exhaustive investigation on the pipeline carrie. he also said this is the second phase of the investigation and this is one hell do interviews and speaking to residents and looking over the documents which have been given to them by pg&e. we're awaiting the news conference i will bring it to you as soon as they get here. >> while we wait for the news conference
, the ntsb is wrapping up its work at the blast site, marked by a crater on crestmoor and glenview drive. >> we have already released the pit itself back to the authorities so they can resume the return to normalcy of the infrastructure in there. >> reporter: the city won't say how long the neighborhood will be closed after repeated calls and a visit to city hall this morning, no one would talk on camera, but it's still a crime scene even though the ntsb's investigation is now focused elsewhere on tips coming in from the community about any possible gas leaks before the explosion. so far they have only gotten one report of someone smelling gas out before 100 tips total. they are also looking at the procedures involved in shutting off the gas after the explosion. the ntsb says that after a gas explosion in san francisco in the '80s, they made a recommendation. they are not sure it was followed. >> make sure that the first responders know where the valves are and know what to do and make sure the valves still work. >> reporter: while that goes on off site, police say they are concerned abo
just six days ago. meantime the ntsb is expanding its investigation, continuing today into gas control station in the bay area. they were in milpitas yesterday making sure that people in these gas control stations are trained and the equipment is working properly. >> we want to get excruciating detail how the system works, how well the people are trained to work it, their background and experience, all aspects what happened day. we'll be doing an exhaustive look at the details regarding that station. >> also the piece of pipe that ruptured is in washington d.c. now. and that is where inspectors are going over with a fine toothed comb trying to figure out if it gave way gradually over the years or if something sudden and traumatic hit it all at once causing that blast. they're also looking into reports from people out here that they had smelled gas for days or even weeks leading up to that blast. well, we are hearing from the ntsb that they have checked the e-mails going into pg&e. there was actually one report weeks before the blast, someone smelling gas out here and pg&e did respond t
days ago. meantime the ntsb is expanding its investigation, contiing today into gas control station in the bay area. they were milpitas yesterday making sure that peopl in these gas controltations are trained and the equipment isworking properly. >> we want to get excruciating detail how the system works, how well the people are trained to work it, their background and experience, all aspects what happened day. we'll be doing an exhaustiv look at the details regarding that station. >> also the piece of pipe that ruptured is in washington d.c. now. and that is where inspectors are going over with a fine toothed comb tryingo figure out if it gave way gradually over the years or if something sudd and traumatic hit it all at once causing that blast. they're also looking into reports from people out here that they had smelled gas for days or even eks leading up to that blast. well, we are heari from the ntsb that they have checked the e-mls going into pg&e. there was actually one report weeks before the blast, someone smelling gas out here and pg&e did respond to that. as far as phone c
than it was a year ago. that is what the ntsb told members of congress today. they have taken steps to improve safety since last year's deadly train crash that killed nine people. they have begun to implement more than one dozen ntsb recommendations. >> vincent gray and the schools chancellor michelle rhee are keeping a tight lid about their meeting today. gray told reporters dedecker they did not -- but that they did not talk about whether or not he would keep michelle rhee. he said he will make no decisions about her until after the election. >> still to come, some are calling it the new contract with america. today, republicans and reveal their strategy for dealing with the nation's ills. >> plus, you an outrage. the president of iran accuses the u.s. of masterminding the september 11 attacks. >> and a new smart phone force facebook. -- for facebook. details ahead. >> tomorrow, mid 90's. i will tell you all about it. expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it wi
? >> completeness necessary completely ntsb allowing us to get there. we don't know why our gas plane ruptured. >> and ntsb will figure that out? >> absolutely. they have a sent bented -- assembled a terrific team and they will get to the root cause >> reporter: they could not answer a whole lot of other questions because at this point it is not their domain. they are limited in what pg e.e.can say to the public. they say they know who those people are but for some reason, your utilities are not on and you feel they don't know about it, you are advised to give them a call. >>> four people were filled, a mother and her teenage daughter along with a 20-year-old female and another as yet identified victim. police kept people out most of the day a small crew was allowed to shoot this video and it shows how destructiontive the flames -- destructiontive the -- destructive the flames were. they are testing for hazardous material and that's one reason people are not allowed back in their homes even if their homes were not destroyed. >> we are working hard on the re-entry plan and that's the priority f
into the affected area. at least not tonight. that is the word from the ntsb as well as the city manager. ntsb now in charge of the investigation. tomorrow 6 more teams of dogs will go into the fire zone. this is now considered a recovery effort. not a rescue mission. still officials insist no resident are missing. there are several reasons why people can not go home tonight. authorities say the streets and buildings are still unstable plus a lot of homes have no utility meaning no pow power, water or gas and on top of everything there is a sewage problem to deal with. there is still a lot of unanswered questions an resident feel caught in the middle. >> also forming a group to look at the human factor aspect all the people who amount the pipeline will be looking at the experience, tra experience, training, history, g at the whether they have alcohol and test to drm the condition at the time. >> police are at every intersection on every street to prevent anybody from going in. so we were told if we leave we are not coming back. it could be a couple of days. >>reporter: the red cross just
to washington, d.c., as part of a large-scale investigation by the ntsb. >> we will have a detailed examination in the metallurgy lab and look at it under an electron microscope. >> reporter: they're looking at the track record of the pipeline and the history of the people in charge of inspecting it and pg&e's emergency response plan, as well as the role geological movements could have played. here is what they're asking the public to report. any incidents of smelling gas in the days before the explosion. finding metal fragments near the blast zone. or vegetation in the area that died for no apparent reason. you can e-mail them at san bruno at ntsb.org. it may take months for the verdict on what happened. it will take much longer for this neighborhood to recover. >> we feel horrible for the people that were there. and we know some of the people that died, too. >> and the areas with stains from the fire retardant left over, a reminder of how lucky they were. >> thank god for saving us our family and giving us a second chance to live. >> reporter: now, the california public utilities commission h
expensive to have segmented than unsegmented pipes. we'll be looking into why that occurred. >> the ntsb also says it's still trying to figure out when pg&e last inspected the pipeline. >>> for the first time today, neighbors had their chance to sound off to local leaders about the disaster. don knapp is live in san bruno with what happened at a town hall meeting this afternoon. don. >> reporter: yeah, it was pretty amazing. a lot of people came to the meeting, a lot of people with sad stories but they didn't come to tell their sad stories. they have had enough of that. they came with hard questions demanding hard answers to the issues affecting their lives. surprisingly, amazingly, public officials, city and county level all overcame with answers and promises. now, how long those promises will stand up we'll have to wait and see but pg&e made some pretty astounding statements. 271 homes in the damage area have been off limits since the blast. by noon tomorrow, those whose homes are not damaged are expected to be allowed into the area still considered a crime scene by investigators. they
details about the investigation. >> reporter: that's right. the ntsb took big steps gathering big evidence to help them determine what caused that blast. they put to rest any fears people might have of not learning about this investigation for a year and a half. the report will take that long but as they learn important things about safety they will pass it on. prime evidence in the gas line explosion investigation is a 28- foot section of the high pressured gas line itself. ripped out of the ground and thrown 100 feet by the blast. >> that piece of pipe, that 28- foot section of 30-inch pipe, we are as we speak putting in a crate because the investigators have decided that needs to go back to our labs in washington. >> reporter: investigators want to hear from people who say they smelled gas in the weeks before the gas. jose said he smelled it and thinked the company knew. >> reporter: what do you say what they say they got in calls. >>> >> that's a lie. you can smell and then the guy was walking around there. >> reporter: assumed looking for leaks but he said he doesn't know what the w
to return home. ntsb investigators received almost 90 e-mails from people in the area who smelled gas before the fire which could suggest a leak rather than a catastrophic failure. but only one reported gas smell to pg&e and that was several weeks before the fire. they want to know why it took so long to shut off the gas to the affected area. terry? >> ntsb investigators out here on the scene again today. we're going to be talking to them live in half an hour but they want to know exactly what it was that caused that explosion and, as you mentioned, what took so long to turn off the gas line. ntsb will look into the line. it does not have automatic shutoshut valve that close. this one from 1956 did not have them. as a result pg&e crews had to shut off the gas by hand and that took close to two hours. >> the two valves on both sides of this event about a mile away are out. they have to be turned manually to be turned off. >> the san bruno fire chief says the initial blast is responsible for the vast majority of devastation. after what caused the initial gas leak, investigators are out here to
? the head of the ntsb says you're in better hands today than you were tell the of the deadly red line crash. any 4's megan mcgrath has more in northwest washington. >> well, it was just a few months o that the national transportation safety board blasted metro for its safety culture well, now the ntsb has praise for the transit agency and the gainshey have made. metro has made significant safety improvements in the year following the collision that left nine dead. >> thehave done a lot of learning in the last year-plus, and i believe the metro board w very willing to listen to the safety bod after our report was concluded, and they have taken many of those lessons to hard, and they are beginning to make many improvements. >> reporter: in an update, the ntsb seo says metro has implemented more than a dozen of the recommendation and is moving in the right direction. just a few months ago, they said the anemic safety culture help set the stage for the crash. improvements include putting a new and experienced safety officer in place. that safety officer reports directly to the general manager.
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